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Zecharia Gilbert

Zech loves figuring it out and making magic happen. Something from nothing is the attitude he brings from the Army where he served as an aircraft mechanic, Airborne, Staff Sergeant. Now his hobby is working on brands. He takes his "win or go home" thought to every project.


There's one thing that all non profits need to be doing. Videos!

#AskBrandfluencer | Non Profit Social Media Strategy – Hot Tip!

Many non-profits are tight on budget with little time to do much “non profit social media strategy”, however, there’s one piece of digital marketing content that every non-profit should master! Despite most non-profits having great intentions as organizations, it’s a

chicago marketing firms

What You Should Look for in Great Chicago Marketing Firms

When you hire a new employee for your company, do you take his resume at face value and make a decision solely based off that piece of paper? Of course not. You screen his resume and evaluate him over several

influencer marketing

How to Launch a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Social media has affected every aspect of daily living. We use social media to keep in touch with friends and family members. Social media networks keep us in the know with global events. Most importantly, these networks influence consumer buying

Google Posts

Google Posts | Why & How to Use Them!

“Google Posts” is a new feature by Google and on Google My Business page results, which enables companies and individuals to create content on Google that is highly ranked in search results due to their titles. More importantly it has

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10 Questions You Should Ask Marketing Agencies in Chicago

Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies in Chicago are the same. While it would be nice to just pick one from a Google search, if you do that, you might end up regretting your decision. So rather than playing Russian roulette

influencer marketing companies

7 Golden Rules the Best Influencer Marketing Companies Follow

Every company could tremendously benefit from a social media presence. After all, with billions of people on social media, there are huge built-in audiences. And while creating posts across a variety of platforms is a great idea, it’s only effective