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Direct to consumer marketing by leveraging our digital marketing development, strategy and influencer network to organically increase brand awareness & engagement

Coupled with our Digital Marketing, we connect advertisers and influencers with the most relevant social networks in order to create organic engagement, word of mouth, and traffic for brands and advertisers..

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How it works

We connect advertisers and influencers with the most relevant social networks in order to create organic engagement, word of mouth, and traffic for brands and advertisers.

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  • Brands

    We tell your brands' story to the right people.

    Select which influencers you want to share your brand's story. We will assist you in selecting relevant brand influencers from our network.

    Our influencers will share your brand's story by creating organic content, native to each social media platform.

    Dive into the social media conversation and interact with your customers.

  • Influencers

    Are you a social media star?

    Are you an influencer or social media celebrity? Join Brandfluencer and we'll partner you with the worlds largest brands!

    Get paid to do what you do best! Create organic content for brands who need to reach your audience.

    Make money and recieve the perks that you deserve as a social media celebrity.

  • Our Team

    Digital Brand Marketing

    We are marketing and business professionals from different walks of life, who understand the current brand marketing world. We are passionate about the new digital marketing era and are excited to stand with you!

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    Maximize your Brand's visibilty now. Contact us to get started on your brands' influencer marketing campaign today. We know you'll love the results!

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Our Story

While leading the marketing department at one of the worlds largest dress manufacturers, Kip & Zech changed the industry by signing social media & microcelebrities as brand ambassadors. This new stratgey grew their social media following over 1,000% the first year and lead to back to back 15% growth in sales. They quickly realized that this strategy was replacing magazine and all forms of print marketing. Influencer marketing was more successful and easily quanifiable. Talking with Kip's good friend and pro wrestler, Colt Cabana, they quickly signed 60 of the wrestling worlds biggest stars to start Brandfluencer. Now with their roster of social media and microcelebrities growing daily, they have created the most powerful and effective advertising platform suited perfectly for our digital world.

kip russell
zecharia gilbert
Kip Russell | Social Media Marketer

Kip Russell


Social Media Influencer Expert

Zecharia Gilbert

Zecharia Gilbert


Digital Marketing Guru & former Army 15H

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Contact us to get started with Brandfluencer. If your brand is looking to make a huge impact we promise that partnering with us will give immediate return on investment.