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digital marketing expert vs MBA

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Expert & What to Look For

Digital marketing is most often confused with someone who posts crap online and on social media channels. If you are thinking about hiring a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency, but are unsure, this is the article you’ve been

Top 3 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes

Top 3 Biggest Digital Marketing Blunders

The internet is a very forgivable place to be as a marketer, but there are some digital marketing mistakes that are just too funny to forget.  We review some of our favorite digital and social media blunders! Scott Disick accidentally

Google Posts

Google Posts | Why & How to Use Them!

“Google Posts” is a new feature by Google and on Google My Business page results, which enables companies and individuals to create content on Google that is highly ranked in search results due to their titles. More importantly, it has

marketing agencies in chicago

10 Questions You Should Ask Marketing Agencies in Chicago

Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies in Chicago are the same. While it would be nice to just pick one from a Google search, if you do that, you might end up regretting your decision. So rather than playing Russian roulette

Top 7 Reasons Your Digital Marketing is Failing

Top 7 Reasons Your Digital Marketing is Failing

Digital marketing is tough and it’s easier to fail than it is to succeed! If you got into business to sell your product and you are now consumed by digital marketing and “how to”, welcome to the digital marketing jungle!

digital marketing trends

10 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Digital marketing trends emerge, evolve, and disappear faster than a New York minute. Some trends that are relevant and on point one day can become outdated just a few months later. Others, however, may linger for years and be every bit as