No One Cares About Your Brand! Why!?

We toil away every day, thinking that our brand is so special, nice and great.  Why doesn’t the world see things the way we do?  It’s fairly simple to see.  If you’d only open up your eyes.

No one cares about your brand! – Kip Russell

Yes, it’s true!  No one gives a rats arse about your brand!  By now you’re probably saying, “WHAT!?”  It’s true, the public does not care about your brand until you inspire them care about your brand.  How could we ever arrive at such a conclusion?

First thing’s first.  If thought leaders, or influencers, in your target market don’t care about your brand, nobody will!

Going from ZERO to HERO:

  1.  Does your product solve a real world problem?
  2. If no, forget the remainder of this article.
  3. If yes, what’s your target market?
  4. Where is your target market?  Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Polyvore? We<3 ? Snapchat?
  5. Game Plan!
  6. Attack!
  7. Hustle

Find the top 5 platforms that your target market uses and go there!  Learn the platform/app and find out why they like it so much.  If they like it, it probably solves a real world problem!  Dedicate the next week to learning that platform and looking at a strategy to utilize that platform.  Next, build your goal.  We will have “5,000” followers within 1 month, etc.  Then decipher the tactics around your strategy needed to reach your goals.  Stick to your plan for that month.  If you have not reached your goal, adjust your tactics and fire again!  Keep moving forward.  Never stop talking to your customers wherever they may be!

Aim, fire, adjust and repeat! – Zecharia Gilbert


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