10 Questions You Should Ask Marketing Agencies in Chicago

Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies in Chicago are the same.

While it would be nice to just pick one from a Google search, if you do that, you might end up regretting your decision.

So rather than playing Russian roulette with your business, money, and marketing strategies, read on to learn which 10 questions you should ask marketing agencies in Chicago before you make your decision.

1. Marketing Agencies in Chicago, How Are You Adding Value?

Sure, every agency will tell you that with their plan, you’ll start seeing results practically right away. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Most marketing strategies aren’t cheap but you should start seeing some value and an increase in sales when you choose the right agency. Ask each agency you contact how they plan to increase your sales.

Then ask them the next important question, how do they plan to measure their plan? If they can’t give you a straight answer that you clearly understand, keep moving.

2. How Do They See Marketing and Advertising Growing and Changing in the Future?

Good and great marketing agencies in Chicago know that both marketing and advertising are quickly changing. Technology is changing on practically a daily basis and that technology has definitely changed how people do business.

So go ahead and ask the agencies where they see both the marketing and advertising industries in five or 10 years. This will help you understand if the agency is at the forefront of technology, social media, and how up-to-date they are on integrating mobile solutions into their campaigns.

3. How Will My Business and Social Media Platform Differ From My Competition?

If your business looks and acts just like your competition then why should anyone choose your company? For that matter, how have the different marketing agencies in Chicago differentiated themselves from their own competition?

The agency you choose should have already taken a look at your competition’s web and social media sites before you have a meeting with them. They should also have an action plan in place that will help set you apart from everyone else.

4. How Can Your Internal Process Help Us Grow?

The worst thing you can do is choose one of the marketing agencies in Chicago that aren’t well organized. If their current systems aren’t working efficiently, how could you possibly think they’ll be able to help you grow your business?

So go ahead and ask them what kind of platforms they use. How is their billing done? What types of project management strategies do they use?

5. What Kind of Analytics Will I Receive From My Campaign?

Marketing is definitely a numbers game. So ask them about what analytics they collect and how you can access those numbers.

Better yet, ask how the agency can help you understand what your campaign’s analytics mean. They should also have a plan to utilize the analytics to help adjust your campaign accordingly.

6. Will Your Agency’s Culture Mesh With Mine?

Not all marketing agencies in Chicago have the same company culture. Not all of them will mesh with how you want to do business.

Perhaps the company culture is too laid back for your taste. Or too serious and the suit and ties make you feel uncomfortable or like you might be misunderstood.

The bottom line is you want to go with an agency that works and thinks in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll spend half your time feeling isolated and misunderstood.

7. How Do You Plan to Communicate With Me?

Good communication is a key element to finding the right agency. It’s not unusual for a poor marketing company to get you to sign on the dotted line and then drop you like a bad habit. After all, they got your money, so who cares?

Your marketing agency should care. You should be able to contact the agency and get an answer in a timely manner rather than wasting your day trying to hunt down someone, anyone who is willing to pick up the phone and listen to your concerns.

Also, when you do have concerns, they should be addressed right away rather than ignored or worse, when you’re made to feel as if you’re the problem rather than the marketing agency with incredibly bad communication problems.

8. How Do You Find and Retain Talent?

There’s nothing worse than working with a company with a revolving door of employees. One moment Jane is supposedly working hard for you. The next moment it happens to be Tommy.

When that happens, it’s a sign of a poorly run agency. So ask them how they find and retain their talent? Great marketing agencies in Chicago realize that it’s imperative to locate, hire, and continue to retain the best so that their company can be the best.

9. Who Will Be Working on My Account and Why?

Your marketing campaign is a big deal. You’re paying good money to work with the best and brightest and you should receive just that.

So before you sign anything, you should be able to meet your team. When you do, ask them questions and get to know them. You want to feel comfortable working with your team.  You should also have a good understanding of who is on your team and why.

You should also have a good understanding of who is on your team and why. It’s easier to speak up in the beginning of a campaign than letting communication issues build up until you feel so frustrated you want to scream.

Also, understanding the skills each member brings to your account can help you get a better understanding of what you can expect from your team.

10. What Does A Successful Campaign Look Like to Them?

Success means something different to everyone. Perhaps a successful campaign for you is one where you start seeing a 10% increase in your overall profits. For another client, success might be measured in how many visitors they receive to their website.

So ask them what success means to them. If they’re not on the same page as your view of a successful campaign then perhaps it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

So there you have it, 10 great questions to ensure you make the right decision with your marketing dollars. We love getting to know new clients and we love being asked questions. Contact us and let’s get to know one another.

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