Your Social Media Marketing Sucks. Why?

Your social media marketing sucks!  Why?  You don’t have enough to say about your company and even when you do have something to say, you don’t know what to do with it.  I’m here to tell you that you can be a social media marketing heavyweight champion with a little work!  You first need to get to the heart of it…

What’s the first thing you need to think about when talking to your customers?

  1.  Why do they need my service or product?  Make a list of 5 reasons why your customers would need you.
  2.  Write a blog about each one.  Don’t have a blog? Get one!
  3.  When I do get content, what next?
    1. Speak to your customers wherever they are. (blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat etc.)
    2. Take pieces of your content from your blogs to deploy across the different platforms.  Ex:  “Your social media sucks! Why?”  We could take that phrase and drop it into an Instagram image and post it on our Instagram account.

Social Media Marketing

Now you have some ideas and content is beginning to flow, but inspiration can run dry.  We see companies start out strong and end up slowing down.  The problem is this… you’re taking someone that’s been in your company doing, perhaps, customer service.  They weren’t originally hired to do your social media and they do not want to!  Hire someone that’s sole function and desire in life is to engineer social media.  They must live it and breath it!  Us digital marketers are a different breed.  We love this!  So, hire someone that loves their work!  Think about it this way.  Would YOU hire YOU to do your social media marketing?  If not, you need to learn or get out of the kitchen!

Remember this always,

“Piss Poor Planning = Piss Poor Performance.”

Piss Poor Planning

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Plan your channels out! (5 P’s of Success!)  Have a strategy and goals for each platform.  If the Chicago Bulls were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, there are two things that are measured.  Time and Score.  If you are not watching the clock and keeping score, you are wrong!  Build out your content plan, what you’re going to talk about and the score at the end of your game.  If you realize that you cannot meet your goals within the time period you give yourself, you need to then start looking at a few different things, which we’ll talk about in another blog.

So, it’s time! Get started and stop sucking at your social media marketing!





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