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Influencer Marketing Optimization

How To Optimize Your Influencer Campaign For Better Results

Influencer campaigns may be all the rage amongst marketers these days, but it’s easy to get them wrong. Now, more than ever, an endorsement is what we’re looking for before we make a purchase. If you’re thinking of investing time

influencer marketing

How to Launch a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Social media has affected every aspect of daily living. We use social media to keep in touch with friends and family members. Social media networks keep us in the know with global events. Most importantly, these networks influence consumer buying

influencer marketing companies

7 Golden Rules the Best Influencer Marketing Companies Follow

Every company could tremendously benefit from a social media presence. After all, with billions of people on social media, there are huge built-in audiences. And while creating posts across a variety of platforms is a great idea, it’s only effective

influencer strategy

5 Ways to Make Your Influencer Strategy Go Viral

Like it or not, influencers are a major part of marketing campaigns today. Their followers look to them for guidance. This means that having them on your side is crucial. While influencers are a boon to you, using them still

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How to Launch a Product With an Influencer Marketing Agency

Thanks in part to the Kardashians, influencer marketing has products flying off shelves. It capitalizes on the fact that 92% of consumers trust a person over a company. Influencer marketing is a great way to build excitement when introducing a

PR & Influencer Marketing

The Rip-Off | PR & Influencer Marketing

There is a growing trend for PR companies to wander into the influencer marketing arena, but there’s a few things you need to be aware of!   Is this biting your company in the butt and wallet?  Let’s take a

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Columbia College | Digital & Influencer Marketing Keynote

With influencer marketing in the sights of people young and old, Columbia College formed a summer class that teaches the in’s and outs of digital marketing.  Columbia College’s Rachel Ready reached out to Brandfluencer to come speak to their class