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Many non-profits are tight on budget with little time to do much “non profit social media strategy”, however, there’s one piece of digital marketing content that every non-profit should master!

Despite most non-profits having great intentions as organizations, it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the realm of non-profits.  You often are running the business and attempting to do marketing on social media without one key ingredient, a social media marketing professional.  So, here’s why your non-profit needs to do!

Non Profit Social Media Strategy

Every non-profit needs to create videos that speak to their target market.  These videos don’t need to be overly produced, edited or perfected.  You need to tell your story and how your impacting the community with your programs and services.  This is easy to do, takes little time and really holds the attention of your audience.  You need to look at it this way, your non-profit is represented by the people that are running it.  Nine times out of ten, the people working there care about what they’re doing.  They are often taking extreme pay-cuts to get the job done, so they are almost always your biggest advocates!

Here are the videos that you need to be doing on a weekly basis:

  1. Announcements video
  2. Staff videos – What programs do the staff oversee and why are they providing benefit to the community?
  3. Beneficiary videos – Let the beneficiaries of your non-profit give their testimony!  It’s powerful!

Once you have these videos, you need to then ask for something.  I’m sure you can guess what that is… a donation, registration, newsletter sign-up.

Now, get to it!  Schedule your videos and shoot for at least two per week.  Don’t be shy in the videos!  People love to see who the organization is.  You are the face of something great!  Isn’t it time we all know?

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