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influencer strategy

5 Ways to Make Your Influencer Strategy Go Viral

Like it or not, influencers are a major part of marketing campaigns today. Their followers look to them for guidance. This means that having them on your side is crucial. While influencers are a boon to you, using them still

Digital Marketing Analysis How To & Free Tools

Digital Marketing Analysis & Evaluation | How To & Free Tools

A great digital marketing analysis (DMA) will position your company to begin a great digital marketing strategy (DMS). One without the other, ehhh, doesn’t work out so well! Why? That’s a great question! Free Digital Marketing Analysis The free digital

PR & Influencer Marketing

The Rip-Off | PR & Influencer Marketing

There is a growing trend for PR companies to wander into the influencer marketing arena, but there’s a few things you need to be aware of!   Is this biting your company in the butt and wallet?  Let’s take a

Your social media marketing sucks, but why? Let's get it right!

Your Social Media Marketing Sucks. Why?

Your social media marketing sucks!  Why?  You don’t have enough to say about your company and even when you do have something to say, you don’t know what to do with it.  I’m here to tell you that you can be a

columbia college influencer marketing

Columbia College | Digital & Influencer Marketing Keynote

With influencer marketing in the sights of people young and old, Columbia College formed a summer class that teaches the in’s and outs of digital marketing.  Columbia College’s Rachel Ready reached out to Brandfluencer to come speak to their class

How To Manage Social Media Marketing Expectations

Top 5 Ways to Manage Social Media Marketing Client Expectations

The following letter is a classic example of a high level executive that does not understand social media, nor how to leverage it. We are coming straight at you with the Top 5 Ways to Manage Social Media Marketing Expectations.